Michelle Dery

Michelle Dery

About Michelle

Michelle came to high-end real estate after a career in fashion and public relations. Having worked both as an editor and as a PR professional in New York. She also worked extensively as an interior decorator for ultra-luxury yachts and residences throughout California, Europe, and the Caribbean and is well versed in the needs of the yachting community.

Michelle began her real estate career in 2002 as a private investor, acquiring, renovating and decorating multiple homes for resale. Her personal success led to a focus on million-dollar-plus waterfront residences.

Thanks to her diverse background, Michelle is quite expert at marketing and staging ultra-luxury properties and has a firm grasp of the financial and investment aspects of real estate as well. A consummate professional with an eye for detail, Michelle provides her clients with exceptional service in everything from property presentation and personal showings through complex contract negotiation.

A Fort Lauderdale resident since 1996, Michelle donates time and talents to such community organizations and charities as Beaux-Arts, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Oceana, and the Saint Thomas Aquinas High School where she is an active parent volunteer.

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